Terms and conditions

Article 1 – Preamble and definitions

The present general conditions of sale detailed below (hereinafter referred to as the “General Conditions”), apply to any consultation and/or orders made via :

the Internet site www.jusellemilano.com and its derived addresses, (hereinafter “the site”),
www.jusellemilano.com has for main activity the sale of interior scents on the website www.jusellemilano.com.

Article 2 – Purpose

The present conditions have for object to define the regime of the sales and the rights which result from it, in particular for :

the organization of the legal relations between www.jusellemilano.com and the customer;
the modalities of sale between www.jusellemilano.com and the customer (order, delivery etc..).
Article 3 – Procedure and modality of order

To place his order, the customer has the following means:

By Internet on the site www.jusellemilano.com accessible 24h/24 and 7D/7;
The data communicated by the customer and recorded by www.jusellemilano.com at the time of the inscription and the order constitute the proof of the transactions between www.jusellemilano.com and the customer. After validation of the order by the customer, jusellemilano.com will send him an e-mail of confirmation to notify him that the order was indeed recorded.
It is specified that www.jusellemilano.com reserves the right to refuse, to carry out a delivery or to honor an order in the cases where the customer would not have regulated totally or partially a previous order, or in the cases where a dispute of payment would remain.

Article 4 – Prices

The prices indicated on the site www.jusellemilano.com are expressed in Dollars, all taxes included (TTC) excluding delivery charges. The delivery costs differ according to the delivery address of the customer and the weight of the ordered goods. The delivery costs are specified in the shopping cart and confirmed during the validation of the order; they are invoiced at the end of the order and are added to the price of the ordered goods.
www.jusellemilano.com reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, however, the products will be invoiced on the basis of the tariffs in force at the time of the recording of the orders subject to availability at this date.

Article 5 – Reserve of property and risks

www.jusellemilano.com preserves the property of the sold goods until the effective payment of the entirety of the price in principal and accessories. The defect of payment of the one can involve the reclaiming of the goods.
These provisions do not prevent the transfer to the customer, as of the delivery, of the risks of loss and deterioration of the bought goods as well as the damage which they could cause.

Article 6 – Availability of products

The customer takes note and accepts from now on that www.jusellemilano.com will honor his order within the limit of its available stocks and those of its partners and suppliers.
www.jusellemilano.com will make every effort to process all orders.
Within the framework of the flash sale, the customers can order the products put on sale only during the duration of the flash sale indicated in real time on the site, and within the limit of available stocks.
After the expiration of the term of the flash sale of a product and/or in case of unavailability of the product, the latter will not be offered for sale.

In case of unavailability of a product after confirmation of the order and after closing of the sale concerned, www.jusellemilano.com will inform the customer by e-mail or by telephone of the partial delivery of his order or of the cancellation of this one.
If necessary www.jusellemilano.com will propose to the customer, the refunding of the effectively debited sums in the form of a good of purchase or by transfer or cheque.

Article 7 – Information on the products

www.jusellemilano.com endeavours to present all essential characteristics of the products put on line, thanks in particular to the technical descriptions of the partners and suppliers and of photographs and/or videos of the products and this, within the limit of the technique and in the respect of the best standards of the market.

Article 8 – Secure payment

In case of payment by credit card, the customer’s order will be validated only after debit of the account made on authorization of the competent payment centers.
In case of lack of authorization, the customer’s order cannot be taken into account.
Online payment by credit card is made via the “Secure Socket Layer” security system, which allows the encryption of the customer’s banking details during their transmission on the network.

In the event of unpaid whatever the reason, a fixed amicable allowance of 15 Euros will be required by jusellemilano.com in addition to the amount of the invoice, increased by the expenses of debit invoiced by the banking establishment of www.jusellemilano.com.
In the case where the amicable recovery would have remained unfruitful within a period of 10 days running from the date of sending of the first mail of demand of recovery, that this mail is recommended or simple letter. The collection will be made by contentious way.
The expenses of setting in litigation which would be brought to invoice the cabinet of recovery directly to the customer are added to the amicable fixed allowance.

Article 9 – Delivery

The delivery is made by the means of transport and carrier considered by www.jusellemilano.com as the most appropriate to the ordered and delivered object (carrier, post office.).

The delivery times are also indicated at the time of the validation of the order, they are calculated in working days (from Monday to Friday, except public holidays).
The customer will have to measure the access passages of his residence in order to confirm to the carrier his accessibility to the ordered product.

In case of false information, or erroneous measurements made by the customer, additional costs related to the rental of elevators, storage, return of goods or additional deliverymen will be exclusively charged to the customer.
In general, the impossibility for the carriers to deliver the products at the agreed date and time, in case of absence or delay of the customer, or lack of information on the need to resort to specific means of delivery, may give rise to the payment of additional delivery costs which will be charged by www.jusellemilano.com .

The customer is held to check the exhaustiveness, the truthfulness of the information which it provides to www.jusellemilano.com at the time of the order and in particular the address of delivery.
The customer is responsible for the information that he will have provided at the time of his registration and the order.
www.jusellemilano.com cannot be held responsible for possible errors of seizure which could cause errors of delivery and/or the nonrespect by the customer of the methods of delivery and appointment which it will have fixed itself with the conveyor.

Are considered as fortuitous case or force majeure exonerating responsibility all facts or circumstances irresistible, unforeseeable and independent of the will of the parts in particular in the event of total or partial strike of carriers, and of natural disasters such as the floods or fires.

If the customer wishes to postpone the delivery date (only for serious reasons), he/she should notify www.jusellemilano.com by e-mail at the following address: contatct@jusellemilano.com

In case of complaint concerning possible defects or mark of deterioration of the products (damage, missing product compared to the delivery order, damaged parcel, broken products, etc…), the customer will have to act his observations on the delivery order and to confirm them by e-mail to the following address: contact@jusellemilano.com

Except in the case of hidden defects, no claim or reservation will be accepted after receipt of the products by the customer, if the latter has not respected the procedure detailed above.

In case of exceeding the delivery date of the good exceeding 7 working days, in the absence of force majeure, the customer has the possibility of denouncing the contract by registered letter with acknowledgement of delivery.
The contract is considered as broken at the reception by www.jusellemilano.com of the letter by which the customer informs him of his decision.
It is specified that only the cancellations addressed by letter RAR at the latest in the 60 working days following the expiry of the deadline or the date of foreseen delivery, and received before the delivery of the products concerned, will be taken into account by www.jusellemilano.com.

The sums paid at the time of the order will then be returned to the customer.

It is reminded that the delivery time may be increased, i.e. between 10 and 14 weeks, in the event of the sale of a second stock of products, as part of a flash sale as provided for in Article 1 hereof.
In any case, the customer will be informed of the delivery time during the validation of his order.

Article 11 – Withdrawal

The customer has a 3-day withdrawal period from the delivery of the product, allowing him to cancel his order and return the product at his own expense, accompanied by the invoice and the return form duly completed and signed.

These last provisions do not apply to any order made by the customer for a custom-made product ordered online and/or manufactured according to the customer’s specifications and/or personalized, or which, due to its nature, cannot be reshipped or is likely to deteriorate.

In the event of the return of goods referred to in paragraph 1 of this article, the customer is liable for the risks of transport.

Any withdrawal must be reported to the customer service www.jusellemilano.com by mail at the following address: contact@jusellemilano.com

The cost of sending the registered letter can be reimbursed upon request.

jusellemilano.com will then contact the customer by email or by phone to organize the return of the products and a return number will be given to the customer.

The return procedure must be respected by the customer.
No return will be accepted if the return notification procedure to www.jusellemilano.com has not been respected.
Only products in new condition, complete (accessories, cushions, instructions if applicable) in their original packaging will be accepted.

Any product which will have been damaged by the customer, or whose original packing will have been deteriorated in conditions exceeding its simple opening, will not be refunded, or partially refunded.

The above-mentioned deadlines run from the day of receipt of the order.

This legal right of withdrawal is exercised without penalty, except for shipping costs.

The legal guarantee (Article 1641 of the civil code) does not apply to the repair of damage resulting from a cause external to the product or the fact of the customer.
In the event of a refund, the customer is reimbursed by check, credit on his bank card or bank transfer. The modalities of refunding are at the discretion of www.jusellemilano.com.

The returns remain with the expenses, the load and the risks of the customer.
This is why www.jusellemilano.com advises its customer to subscribe a specific insurance with the carrier of the market value of the products. It is necessary so that the customer can protect himself against any case of deterioration or spoliation or loss of the products by the carrier.

Article 12 – Guarantee

The products (except consumables) are guaranteed against possible defects of conformity and hidden defects under the conditions envisaged by the Code of consumption and the Civil code.
The customer will have to announce defects and faults to mahoroaccessoires.com as of their appearance, by the sending of photographs.

The responsibility of www.jusellemilano.com is limited to the price of the defective or nonconforming products, and in a general way, whatever the cause or the form of the concerned action; www.jusellemilano.com will not be able to be held with the compensation of indirect damage or any other financial loss undergone by the customer or a third.

The choice and purchase of goods by the customer are under his sole and unique responsibility. Consequently, the total or partial impossibility of using the products in particular because of incompatibility of the material cannot give place to any compensation, refunding or questioning of the responsibility of www.jusellemilano.com, except in the case of a proven hidden defect, of nonconformity, of defectiveness or exercise of the right of retractation envisaged by the code of the consumption.

Article 13 – Data Protection Act

In accordance with the French law “Informatique et libertés” n°78-17 of January 6, 1978, the customer has a right of access and of correction to the data relating to it and can exert this right by sending an email to the following address: info@jusellemilano.com

According to the selection of the customer at the time of the creation or the modification of his account, he is likely to receive offers of www.jusellemilano.com.
If he does not wish it any more, he can, at any time, make the request to www.jusellemilano.com via his customer space or by writing to the address above.
www.jusellemilano.com informs its customers that this automated treatment of information, in particular the management of the addresses e-mail of the users, was the subject of a declaration with the CNIL.

Article 14 – Settlement of disputes and severability of clauses

The present General Conditions of Sale will be executed and interpreted in accordance with French law.
The parties will seek, before any litigation, a possible amicable agreement Any litigation of any nature or dispute relating to the formation or the execution of the order, even in the event of recourse in guarantee or of plurality of defendants, will be in the absence of amicable agreement of the exclusive competence of the Courts in the spring of which is the registered office of www.jusellemilano.com .

The fact that any clause of the general conditions of sales becomes null, inopposable, null and void, illegal or inapplicable because of a law, a regulation or following a final decision of a competent jurisdiction, will not be able to call into question the validity, the legality, the applicability of the other stipulations of the present general conditions of sales and will not exonerate the customer from the execution of his contractual obligations.

Article 15 – Cookies

You have the right to access, withdraw and modify personal data communicated through cookies (more information on the CNIL website). Also, you can block cookies by activating the setting in your browser that allows you to refuse all or some of the cookies. However, if you choose to block all cookies (including essential cookies) you will no longer be able to access several essential features of www.jusellemilano.com




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